This is an MQTT server which distributes the feed of live spots from, provided by Tom, M0LTE.


The feed is distributed as a hierarchy of topics under pskr/filter/v2/, for example:


Wildcard subscriptions are highly encouraged, for example, to stream reception reports for a single station using mosquitto_sub, subscribe to topic:

mosquitto_sub -h -t "pskr/filter/v2/+/+/SV8DCW/#"

or to stream 10m FT8 reports between the US and England:

mosquitto_sub -h -t "pskr/filter/v2/10m/FT8/+/+/+/+/291/223" -t "pskr/filter/v2/10m/FT8/+/+/+/+/223/291"

The whole spot is returned in the payload of each message. A spot looks like this:

  "sq": 30142870791,
  "f": 21074653,
  "md": "FT8",
  "rp": -5,
  "t": 1662407712,
  "sc": "SP2EWQ",
  "sl": "JO93fn42",
  "rc": "CU3AT",
  "rl": "HM68jp36",
  "sa": 269,
  "ra": 149,
  "b": "15m"


Live feed status

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Known sites using the feed

With thanks to Philip Gladstone for the data feed and permission to provide this service.

With thanks also to those who have contributed ideas, time, and feedback so far, particularly Mike G8LKD, Matt KA1R, Olof W6OJN, and Kristian 2E0KGG.